Saturday, 5 May 2012

Adding Torrents via

If you have setup Transmission on your Pogoplug using my previous post, then this post will allow you to remotely (via add new torrent files and start them downloading to your home server (from anywhere with internet access).


I’ve been looking for a secure way to add Torrents to my Transmission server running on my Pogoplug, from a remote location.  This would allow me to start new torrents (during my lunchbreak at work for example), and have them finished and ready for me by the time I got home.  This is handy for starting larger files, such as new Ubuntu releases (and recently, the Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview), without having to be in your local network,

Initially, I put the Transmission web interface on a public IP, but I’m not particularly comfortable with opening extra ports from my LAN to the internet, so I soon switched this off.  This morning I hacked together a solution that utilises the security that already exists with (SSL, username/password authentication), and allows for adding a torrent file.

The instructions are hosted on my new blog site here:

Enjoy :)

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